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We All Have Problems!

This book introduces us to the fascinating life of a man who everyone admired, respected, called in times of crisis, and who was given extraordinary power by God. His name was Elijah. This man accepted the challenge to travel through different cities announcing the good news of how God revives us again, no matter what kind of tomb we are in. He was his time’s greatest superhero. But day in and day out, he wrestled with his weaknesses:

  • negative thoughts
  • depression
  • suicidal desires . . .

He got frustrated when things didn’t turn out the way he planned and he froze before the challenges that life presented; but God sustained him through every circumstance.

Just like Elijah, you have been called to Revive! To smile again; to see the positive things in each day; to experience new adventures; to grow as a person, as a professional, as a spouse, as a Christian.

Revive! your dreams. Revive! your faith. Revive! your desire to persevere. Revive! your trust in God. Allow Him to use you to achieve extraordinary things. Let Him transform you from an ordinary, unnoticed, and anonymous person to someone who’s a hero for their children and those around them; a warrior for God’s cause.

If something was dying in your life, get ready, because your time to Revive! is here. Put on your superhero cape, and Revive!

Arnaldo Cruz, Pastor and International Evangelist